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On Friday and Saturday nights in October; ALL attractions close at dusk except for the Corn-Maze and Pumpkin Hollar' Lighted Trail.

Corn Maze

Getting lost is fun in the corn maze! Finding your way through our corn maze can be a real adventure. It's twist and turns will challenge your memory as you navigate your way through the corn maze pathways.

Nashville Corn Maze

Corn Maze

Each year is a new challenge as we design a brand new corn maze for you to explore. Entrance to the corn maze is included with admission during daylight hours.

Test your skills with one of our three exciting maze games!

The Corn Maze Master Challenge:

Conquer our cornfield maze by finding 6 hidden checkpoints inside the maze and enter to win an iPad!

A winner will be randomly drawn in November.

Farm Scene Investigation
(Recommended for ages 9 and older.)
Farmer Joe is missing! There was an accident and it appears to be foul play.
There are seven farm animal suspects that we need you to investigate. Collect the evidence to find the weapon, the criminal, and the location where the crime took place. You will find 12 location scenes within the maze. At each location you will find an animal and a tool to eliminate as a suspect and a weapon. Punch your card to keep track of your clues. "Hurry! Solve the mystery so you can save Farmer Joe and put the violent farm animal behind bars!"

Farm Scene Tracks
(Recommended for ages 2 - 8 years old.)
Last night six farm animals snuck into the house and stole Farmer Joe’s apple pie. Farmer Joe chased the animals into the corn maze. He needs you to go into the corn maze and find the tracks. Place the rubbing paper over the track, and use a crayon to rub the track onto the paper. Once you have collected all six tracks come out and look at the banner to find out which animal belongs to the track. "Let us know who stole the pie, so that we can catch those pie stealing animals!"

Have you ever heard of a corn maze without corn? We've got one. In fact, we were the first corn maze in Tennessee to plant our corn-maze using sorghum instead of traditional maize. Our maze looks basically the same as a traditional corn maze, but it's more drought tolerant and produces thicker denser foliage which makes our maze even more challenging because we can put more maze paths in a much smaller space.

We feel it is necessary to advise guests in advance of your visit that the 2015 Corn Maze did not reach its' full potential this year due to weather conditions over the summer. Even though we worked hard to ensure we would have an 8-12 foot tall maze as we have had in the past by fertilizing and irrigating the plants; there is one vital element that we simply could not control, the sun. Sunshine is a major factor for proper growth. Unfortunately, we had an unusual summer filled with an over abundance of cloudy days and cooler than average temperatures. Due to the lack of sunshine our maze is currently running about three weeks behind for its standard growth rate. This simply means the maze is shorter than it's suppose to be this year. We realize this may disappoint some of our guests, but we hope you won't let it stop you from having lots of fun. Even though the maze hasn't reached the proper height, we promise you will still find the course to be challenging. We have found that it will still take you an average of 20-minutes to navigate the maze despite its shortcomings.

Corn Maze After Dark

Corn Maze After-Dark

Explore the corn maze after dark!

Once the sun goes down the corn maze presents an even bigger challenge.

Bring your own flashlight and let the adventure begin.

The corn maze is family friendly after dark entertainment, no haunting or scaring your friends please.

Corn Maze Calendar

The Corn Maze is open for daylight adventures from September 19th through November 1st.

After-dark ventures through the Flashlight Corn Maze are available from October 2nd through October 30th.

Corn Maze Rules
  • Stay on maze paths
  • Don't cut through the corn
  • Don't pick stalks
  • No running
  • Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult

2015 Corn Maze
  • Flower Power
  • Includes Three Games:
    • Maze Master Challenge - Gnome Invasion
    • FSI - Who Dunit?
    • Animal Tracks -
      Who Stole the Farmer's Pie?
Corn Maze Games at Lucky Ladd Farms - Nashville, TN

Past Corn Mazes
  • 2014 - Honorred 50 Years of Ford Mustangs
  • 2013 - Honored Kroger
  • 2012 - Honored Ronald McDonald House Charities of Nashville
  • 2011 -The Buzz on Bees
  • 2010 - Honored 100 Years of 4H in Tennessee
  • 2009 - Farm Fresh Fun

Field Trips to the Corn Maze

Thousands of children visit the farm each fall to learn about agriculture. If your group would like to take an educational tour of the corn maze visit our Field Trips page.